Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working With Custom Home Builders

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When it comes to custom home builders, there are plenty of rumours flying around that both support and oppose their employment. A simple online search will reveal hundreds of articles surrounding the disadvantages of making such a decision and only a few revolving around the advantages. We have decided to make the legwork easier by compiling a list of both sides of the argument right here in the one place!


  • These sorts of constructions will enable you to have all of your desired features included in the home. You can choose every little detail, from the colour of the carpets down to the addition of ceiling fans.
  • A custom home builder will likely have heard every request under the sun, so you won’t have to worry that they won’t be able to deliver or that they will make a mistake on something you covet.
  • You will be able to ensure that all of the telephone and electrical outlets are exactly where you want them. In an existing home, you have to make do with wherever the outlets have been placed.
  • Builders are able to do a number of things to lower the costs, such as using ‘lean manufacturing’ techniques to reduce waste, reusing and recycling scrap, and ensuring the home is leak proof.
  • It is possible to get some great and invaluable advice by working with a builder. Many of them have been around for a while and will know what you can and what you cannot do successfully.



  • Whilst having your home built to your exact specifications may seem like a dream come true, it is important to note that it will cost you much more per square foot than other types of construction.
  • There are more upfront costs associated with the construction of a custom home when compared with buying an existing one. You will, for example, have to pay for soil testing, permits and inspections.
  • Obtaining financing for these sorts of homes is often much more difficult then obtaining it for an existing one, as very few banks are willing to provide construction loans these days.
  • It often takes a minimum of 18 months for the home to be ready for you to move into. This means that you will need to find somewhere to live in the meantime, which will cost you money.
  • There is evidence to suggest that these homes will actually depreciate much faster than other types. So, if you ever decide to sell it is unlikely that you will make a profit (or much of one).

So, whilst there are certainly disadvantages of working with a custom home builder it are important to remember that there are also advantages. The only way to determine whether this is the most appropriate route for your family or not is to carefully weigh up each of the arguments in regards to your own situation – do you have somewhere else to live during construction? Do you mind spending a little bit extra?

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