Best Cities to Visit in Turkey

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In Mid-East Asia lies Turkey, among the most incredible tourist destinations of the world. Turkey is a big country and has many important places to see. Turkey is actually the most up-to-date European country that has modernized at a quick speed. All modern cities here have old stunning castles and renowned mosques. No doubt it’s a nation of rugged landscapes, sandy and smooth beaches that provide remarkable views. Below are Best Cities to Visit in Turkey


Istanbul is among the biggest cities in Turkey. It is its own kind of city of the world that lies in between two major continents of the world. In it you can really see all the major contrasts of Turkey. Istanbul is the most populated and the most touristic city of the country.


Cappadocia lies in the middle of Anatolia. The name of the town originally means the town of beautiful horses. The history of the town is even older than Istanbul. The geographical shapes of the town are incredible. Staying in cave hotels in Cappadocia is a must. You can have your best sleep ever in the cave rooms of Cappadocia. It is among the couple of locations in Turkey that has an interesting blend of truly stunning scenery. It is likewise an exceptional destination for all people who like outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and hot-air ballooning.


Ephesus is a city close to Izmir. It is an ancient Roman city with the House of Virgin Mary where many believe that Virgin Mary had spent her last years is in Ephesus area. It has a beautiful theater, an ancient library and many more things to see. It is also recommended to join an Ephesus tour and see the most important places to visit in Ephesus.It is the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis. In the event that you have any enthusiasm toward history then the Cave of the Seven Sleepers and the House of the Virgin Mary are the few different options that you need to visit.


Being the capital city of Turkey, it has so many wonderful tourist attractions, for example, the Anitkabir gallery that acts as mausoleum as well. Again it has several galleries that are worth looking at like War of Independence Museum and Ethnography Museum. Ankara is a major shopping center attracting millions of shoppers annually from all around the globe. It is famous with its original Turkey crafts hence making it among the most preferred tourist city.


Named as the Turkey’s tourism capital, this city has many beautiful coastlines. Many of these coastlines have been voted among the cleanest in the Mediterranean region. In addition Antalya is an Archeologicalcenter and boosts of major architectural works such as Lycian, Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine and Ottoman artifacts among the others.

In conclusion for you to be allowed to travel to above top cities in Turkey, you must apply for Turkish e-visa so as not to have any immigration issues with the Turkish officials during your tour.

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