How To Choose Granite For A Kitchen Or Bathroom Project

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Over the years, the use of natural stone has become extremely popular for kitchens and bathrooms even though it had, in the past, been limited to only the most high-end of homes. The use of granite in Melbourne for home improvement project has increased exponentially; these days, you almost cannot walk into a home without seeing this stone in either the bathroom or kitchen. When it comes to choosing granite for your upcoming project, however, it is important that you consider a number of factors.


  • Granite is not always resilient
    When most people think about this natural stone, they automatically believe that it will be the ideal surface material. Whilst it is true that it will be fairly good at resisting stains, it is important to remember that it is still porous and will need to be sealed regularly. Its properties are similar to those of vitreous tile in terms of heat and water.
  • The stone’s surface appearance
    It is important to understand that, because granite in Melbourne is a naturally occurring material, it will have a variegated surface. This means that it can be speckled or mottled and, whilst suppliers do try to maintain consistency amongst the tiles, this isn’t always possible and you should inspect each one before laying it down.
  • The stone’s strength ratings
    When purchasing granite for your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to note that it will not receive a strength rating like manufactured ceramic tiles will. At the end of the day, however, the stone can vary in strength, which is why you will often find thicker tiles – three eighths of an inch or even thicker – on offer.
  • The choice of stone and grout
    It is likely that you will want to use grout to emphasize the beauty of granite in Melbourne, which is why the lines are often very thin (about an eighth of an inch) and the colour of the grout will often be very similar to the colour of the stone and not stand out too much. This is the complete opposite of how ceramic tiles are laid.
  • Granite’s ease of installation
    When choosing this natural stone for your home, it is possible to choose tiles over continuous slabs if you want to ensure that it can be installed as easily as possible. Whilst this may not look quite as good, it will save you hundreds of dollars in installation fees and the purchase of the stone can also work out to be much cheaper.


Choosing granite in Melbourne for your bathroom or kitchen – it would make a fantastic vanity or bench, for example – can only be successful if you have taken a number of factors into account. By ensuring that you have taken notice of each of the above points, you can rest assured that your use of granite in an upcoming kitchen or bathroom home improvement project will be perfect for your needs and the décor of your property. The last piece of advice that we would like to offer is to inspect the stone before purchasing.

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